Courses Offered
LL.B. Programme
(Three Years)
LL.M. Group "B" :
(Criminal Law)
Ph.D in Law

The College imparts instruction in the course leading to the degrees of LL.B. (General) at the end of two academic year and LL.B. (Special at the end of three academic years is divided into two Semester. Viz, Moon Soon Semester and Winter Semester.) The College is recognized post-Graduate Center imparting instruction in Group B : Criminology Law leading to the degree of LL.M. at the end of two academic years. The details of the coursed are as follows.

LL.B. Programme (Three Years)

Courses (Papers) :

LL.B. Semester - I :
CORE COURSE 101 Law of Tort including MV Accident And Consumer Protection Laws
CORE COURSE 102 Criminal Law Paper -I (General Principles of Penal Law)
CORE COURSE 103 Criminal Law Paper – II (Specific Offences)
CORE COURSE 104 Law of Contract
CORE COURSE 105 Special Contract
FOUNDATION 106 F Constitutional History of India
SOFT SKILL 107 K Use of Law Journals and Legal Software

LL.B. Semester - II :
CORE COURSE 108 Constitutional Law Paper – I
CORE COURSE 109 Constitutional Law Paper – II
CORE COURSE 110 Company Law
CORE COURSE 111 Environmental Law
CORE COURSE 112 Property Law
FOUNDATION 113 F Principles of Political Science & Theory
SOFT SKILL 114 K Use of Internet in Legal Education

LL.B. Semester - III :
CORE COURSE 201 Family Law - I
CORE COURSE 202 Labour & Industrial Law - I
CORE COURSE 203 Principles of Taxation Law
CORE COURSE 204 Administrative Law
CORE COURSE 205 Public International Law
FOUNDATION 206 F Principles of Equity
SOFT SKILL 207 K Legal Terms, Phrases & Maxims

LL.B. Semester - IV :
CORE COURSE 208 Legal Methods & Legal Theories (Jurisprudence)
CORE COURSE 209 Family Law - II
CORE COURSE 210 Interpretation  of Statutes and Principles of Legislation
CORE COURSE 211 Labour & Industrial Law – II
ELECTIVE COURSE 212 E Human Right Law and Practice
FOUNDATION 213 F Principles of Banking Laws
SOFT SKILL 214 K  Legal Principles through Case Study

LL.B. Semester - V :
  CORE COURSE 301   Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act
CORE COURSE 302 Criminal Procedure Code & Probation of Offenders' Act & Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act
CORE COURSE 303 Law of Evidence
ELECTIVE COURSE 304 E Public Interest Lawyering
ELECTIVE COURSE 305 E Intellectual Property Law
FOUNDATION 306 F Principles of Negotiable Instruments
SOFT SKILL 307 K Paper Writing and Presentation on Legal Issues

LL.B. Semester - VI :
CORE COURSE 308 Drafting of Pleading and Conveyancing
CORE COURSE 309 Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System
CORE COURSE 310 Alternative Dispute Resolution
CORE COURSE 311 Moot Court Exercise and Internship
CORE COURSE 312 Legal Language/Legal Writing including General English
FOUNDATION 313 F Forensic Science & Crime Detection Methods
SOFT SKILL 314 K Legal Aid & Para-legal Services

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