Moot Court

I.M. Nanavati Law College organizes Internal Moot Court Competition

Moot Court : Meaning

Moot Court is an artificial Court wherein an atmosphere of court is created in the class-room of a law college itself. The law students are arguing a given hypothetical case as if they are arguing actual case before the court on behalf of their clients. The law students are trained before presenting a case at the Moot Court about the mannerism of the court. They are taught about maintaining the decorum of court.  The professors are discharging duties as judges at the competition. For the final round the sitting Judges or retired Judges of the High Court and also senior Advocates are invited to act as Judges at the Moot Court Competition.

How Moot Court differs from Mock Court ?

In a Mock Court a drama of court is being performed. It has less academic importance. The main purpose of Mock Court is to entertain the audience. Moot Court is arranged for giving practical training and guidance to the law students about the court practice. The students have to argue as if they are arguing before real court. The students are given marks by observing their performance. There cannot be humorous or light atmosphere in Moot Court. To appraise the students about presenting the case and preparing written submission and arguing a given case from either side before the court is the main purpose of Moot Court Competition.

Importance of Moot Court in Law Colleges

The skill of presentation, appropriate and logical response to the spontaneous query of Judges and art of advocacy are must in order to become successful lawyer. The students are trained here to present case with confidence and clarity before the judges. Before presenting the case before the judges at the Moot Court, professors are giving special training about the study of Moot Problem and how to find out the Legal Points and Factual Points for the arguments. The students also prepare the memorial (Written Submission) to be presented before the judges. Thus, the art of drafting a case can be developed among the students. The students are also taught how to address the Judges at the court, what to speak in the court and also what not to speak. In the new syllabus of LL.B. Program, Moot Court is one of the subjects at the final semester. Instead of taking theoretical examination in the above subject, the student has to present given hypothetical cases before the court and they are given external marks based upon their performance at the competition.

Moot Court Activities in the College

Sir L. A. Shah College takes keen interest in imparting practical training to the law students along with giving theoretical knowledge. The first Moot Court Competition was arranged at Sir L. A. Shah Law College in the year 1935. Since then the college every year organizes Moot Court Competitions.

Training in moot courts leads to a better and fuller understanding of the purpose and procedure of Law, as well as develops advocacy skills in an environment of friendly competition. The College holds moot court competitions for the students every year as well as participates at the Inter- Collegiate and inter university competitions organized at the state or national level.

The students of the College participated, as representatives of Gujarat University, in the All India Inter University Moot Court Competition organized every year by the Bar Council of India thirteen times during the last fifteen years (1997-2011).

In the memory of eminent advocate Shri I. M. Nanavati, the College every year organizes “Late Shri I. M. Nanavati Inter Law Collegiate Moot Court Competition”, wherein all the law colleges affiliated to Gujarat University participates. The sitting or retired Judges of the High Court or the Supreme Court of India are invited to act as the judges of the above competition. The students of the College won ‘Late Shri I.M. Nanavati Inter Law Collegiate Moot Court Trophy’ almost every year during last fifteen years.

Preparation at the Moot Court Competition

The students of the college were distributed a copy of a moot problem – a hypothetical case for the purpose of preparation taking into consideration the relevant laws and decided cases of the High Court and the Supreme Court of India. The Moot Problem is prepared in such a way there can be ample scope of arguments on various points on either side. A student has to argue case by choosing any one side as if he/she is arguing a case presenting the client in the court. Every student is given a definite time limit within which he/she has to complete the arguments, legal submissions, citation of relevant cases alongwith the prayer.

After having circulated the Moot Problems the College organizes special lectures to acquaint the students about how to present the case before any court. The special help of practising advocates who are contributing their services as a part time lecturers/visiting faculty is taken to provide practical guidance to the students.

Priliminary Round of Moot Court Competition

The College has as a part of its president and practice, in the academic year 2012-13 organized Internal Moot Court Competition. The students were given Moot Problem and they were given special training by the faculty members viz. Prof. Nayanaben B. Bhatt, Prof. M. S. Shah, Prof. Nishant Lalakia etc. The above professors always take special interest in giving proper information and guidance about the Moot Court Competition. Looking to the enthusiasm of the students, the entire competition was divided into two rounds. About 60 students have participated at the Moot Court Competition. The students were divided among five courts. On 22nd August, 2012, the Priliminary Round of the Internal Moot Competition was organized, wherein 10 part- time as well as visiting professors have rendered their services as the judges of the Competition. Prof. K. H. Baxi, Prof. M. S. Shah, Prof. N. B. Bhatt, Prof. A. N. Bhatt, Prof. D. G. Shukla, Prof. V. M. Pancholi, Prof. R. F. Bhagat, Prof. M. N. Bhavsar, Prof. U. D. Shekhavat and Prof. Nishant Lalakia rendered their valuable services as the judges at the First round of Internal Moot Court Competition. Five Parallel Courts were constituted comprising of above ten professors. Out of 60 participants 8 best candidates were selected to present the case for the final round.

Final Round of Moot Court Competition

On 25th August, 2012 the Final Round of the Internal Moot Court Competition was arranged wherein Hon’ble Mr. Justice Anant S. Dave, Judge, High Court of Gujarat and Hon’ble Mr. Justice A. J. Desai, Judge, High Court of Gujarat were invited to act as the judges. Both the Honourable Judges have willingly consented. It is pertinent to note that both the above Judges are the bright alumnus of Sir L. A. Shah Law College. Each participant was given 10 minutes to present his/her case before the Division Bench at the Moot Court Competition. During the course of arguments both the Hon’ble Judges have raised questions to the participants on factual and legal aspects of the Moot Problem. Students have not only effectively responded to the queries of the judges but they have even cited various relevant judgments of the Supreme Court of India in support of their arguments. To appear before the sitting High Court Judges was a unique experience for each participant and also the law students witnessed the entire competition also enjoyed the entire competition. By taking into consideration the General Impression, Substance in Arguments, Advocacy and Memorial the Judges had to select the three Best Speakers from the Competition. After listening to the arguments of all the participants, the Hon’Ble Judges have selected Three Best Speakers out of Eight finalists and also gave prizes. All the sixty participants of the first round of the Internal Moot Court Competition were given Certificate of Participation by the Hon’ble Judges. After the Moot Court Competition both the judges had an interaction with the participant students and they were given useful tips and suggestions by the Hon’ble Judges about the presentation of the case and court mannerism. At last both the Hon’ble Judges appreciated the efforts, skill and hard work of all the participants of the competition.


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